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Pathogen Control Treatments

SAFE-pHix ® brand "Acidic Calcium Sulfate" (aka LpH-100) for:

EPA Reg. Sanitizer & Disinfecting ClO2  Chlorine Dioxide Activator 

Poultry Water Treatment
               Biofilm Slime Remover      

Nipple Drinkers      
Waterline System Cleaner

      Fruit & Vegetable Sanitizing Wash

Kosher Food Acidulant Ingredient / Shelf-Life Extender / pH adjuster


ACS Technology Inc. is a diversified, platform based biotechnology company, dedicated to providing innovative and proprietary technology, products, and solutions for quality assurance in such diverse industries as food processing, pet food, poultry pathogen treatment, agribusiness, facilities sanitation, and fish processing industry, to enhance the quality of products worldwide.

This unique technology is a multi-industry and multi-application platform called Acidic Calcium Sulfate (LpH-100) also known as acidified calcium sulfate, is a foundation for a family of formulations of Safe-pHix brand products.  ACS has successfully enabled ACS Technology products to effectively inhibit microbial growth and substantially reduced pathogen contamination levels, thus making ACS Technology, a leader in Food Safety.

ACS Technology agribusiness line of value added products are focused on providing food animal growers with products that help reduce and control bacterial contaminates.
SAFE-pHix  line includes  our premium Poultry / animal drinking water system treatment, nipple drinker & liner cleaner, ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide Activator and Bio-Film Slime Remover,

" pHixr 100 " is our market leading Poultry Processing Water Treatment, and our commercial 
Fruit & Vegetable processing water treatment to optimize food pathogen control and extend shelf life.

                              " SAFE-pHix ™ "  Brand   Product List


Product MSDS Use

     LpH 100


Poultry Drinking Water

Biofilm Slime Remover

Nipple Drinkers & Line System Cleaner

ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide

GRAS Approved

LpH 100


Poultry Drinking Water Treatment, USDA Approved.
Focused on providing food animal growers with a reduction and control of bacterial contaminates, reducing mortality rates and improving yields. 








LpH 100 ™


Fruit & Vegetable Wash


         LpH 100

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable processing water acidulant for controlling Salmonella, Campylobacter, E.coli.        USDA Approved.








The ACS Technology's SAFE-phix ™ brand Family of Solutions is a unique broad based proprietary technology with a number of features that benefit a wide variety of industries.

Poultry drinking water, LpH 100 chicken water treatment and drinking water processing is made with ACS Technology SafepHix ® brand Acidic Calcium Sulfate for the poultry industry.  Poultry water treatment with Acidic Calcium Sulfate,is a food grade acid to adjust food pH, and is primarily applied in the chicken industry for poultry water or chicken water.  The additive will make the water pure for animal drinking water.  Made with ACS Technology Inc. Safephix brand, LpH 100 for animal drinking water can also control salmonella listeria in the water supply system and insures safe well water.  No fear of contamination of water for Acidic Calcium Sulfate, nor pollution of groundwater.This Acidic Calcium Sulfate, is also a Poultry nipple drinking line cleaner for safe drinking of poultry water in poultry drinkers that provide automatic chicken water in their chicken watering system.  ACS Technology SafepHix , is an acidifier for chicken feed, chicken litter, broiler chicken production and in cattle feed additives. In poultry processing plants, Acidic Calcium Sulfate, is utilized to optimize ORP Oxidation Reduction Petential in chlorinated water procssing and maximizing bacterial killing effect.  This produces optimum hypoclorous acid for salmonellosis treatment or bacteria salmonella treatment.In the food manufacturing and processing industry, ACS Technology ACS 100 is a food agent used as an acidulant or pH adjustment chemicals for Kosher food prodction.  This application is primarily about food safety.  Depending of application, you may insert on list of food ingredients and on food ingredient labels. pH adjustment chemicals can be used with ACS Technology SafepHix brand Acidic Calcium Sulfate, for ORP and pH adjustment, and in automatic pH adjuster, such as electronic monitoring pH indicator and dispensing equipment for adjusting pH in water, primarily to lower pH in water. Due to organic matter  (poultry) entering the poultry water or chicken water pushing the pH up, adding Acidic Calcim Sulfate will increase the ORP of the poultry water processing  in poultry processing plants, optimizing the ORP-oxidation reduction potential.  Food processing plants can also benefit in other applications when utilizing Acidic Calcium Sulfate, in their poultry processing water.  The ACS Technology SafepHix brand Acidic Calcium Sulfate,  will begin controlling bacterial in floor drains with the food processing plants, as well as throughout the food processing equipment during the food process.  Within the food industry and the making of processed foods, food safety and Listeria salmonella prevention is of a particular concern.  Acidic Calcium Sulfate, (aka Acidified Calcium Sulfate), can also be utilized in other pH adjustment systems, such as a  pH reducer or pH decreaser of the hydroponic pH in a hydroponic solution to help keep the ph down.Pet food manufacturers also use ACS Technology SafepHix brand Acidic Calcium Sulfate, (aka Acidified Calcium Sulfate) as a pet food acidulant, and to manufacturer pet products and pet feed.  This listeria salmonella and food borne illnesses prevention is desired by the feed manufacturer as well as pet products suppliers.   Food microbiology has shown that good food hygiene and food safe temperatures along with use of Acidic Calcium Sulfate, will control Salmonella Listeria, diseases in food and other hazards in food.  This has proven beneficial for controlling Salmonella and Campylobacter with use of ACS Technology Safe-pHix brand Acidic Calcium Sulfate, for antimicrobial effectiveness wash and sanitizer on whole vegetables.  Also used for fruit wash.

Food industry leaders implement a food protection program using ACS Technology SafepHix brand acidic calcium sulfate, to insure quality control of food and any disease of bacteria.  Safety in the food industry is paramount for food quality management and quality control of meat and poultry.  Preventing bacterial food contamination, bacteria food poisoning or foodborne illnesses, such a campylobacter, Listeria m or salmonella food illness is essential food safety in food industry.




ACS Technology Privacy Policy

Like you, we at ACS Technology are concerned about customer privacy. We have a long history of maintaining the privacy of information we obtain in the normal course of providing our products and services. While we are working hard to serve you in new and exciting ways, our commitment to maintaining your privacy remains as strong as ever.

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